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About Us

All you need to know about us

   Noor Removals was established to be an exceptional domestic and commercial mover. The founder of the company gained valuable experience of what the ideal service should be through ‘hands-on’ experience working physically on the field. After working for other companies and receiving customer feedback, it was clear to perceive the strengths and weaknesses of these businesses. It became so evident what characteristics customers were seeking to find in a removal company.

Reliability, experience

They longed for: Honesty, reliability, experience, carefulness and punctuality to be attributes of their chosen removal firm; sadly, they didn’t always attain what they desired. For sure, this has assisted Noor Removals in being the ideal mover in the United Kingdom, in that the founder simply used his experience to produce this model-moving organization. Furthermore over 70-80% of our clientele has come by way of referrals alone! We offer a comprehensive relocation service and even provide (on request): cleaning, clearances, disposals; decorating gardening and installation of appliances such as washing machines and cookers etc. So why go elsewhere?