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Time to Move

   Our knowledgeable staff are prepared to guide you through the entire moving process, box by box. It all starts with an analysis of your removal needs at your home. We can offer you an extensive range of packing materials and have packers to get you on your way.

    We are commited in providing quality and Professionalism in loading and unloading your belongings safely and securely; we’re here to lighten the load and to take the worry out of moving.

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Moving Tips

You’ll be surprised how much time and effort moving can take. Getting ready for your move can take rather longer than you think. With this in mind, why don’t you check out our tips below – if you follow our handy advice, we can assure you that the whole process will go more smoothly. Remember this: what may take you a week to pack our team of packers can do it in a day!

  • Preparation and planning are essential components of a successful, cost-effective move.
  • The easiest way to save money is to do the packing yourself. Call at Noor for packing materials and friendly, professional advice.
  • Make sure you pack your belongings properly and securely, and label each box clearly. Pack your books and other heavy objects in small boxes so that they’re easier to handle. Squat without bending over, and use your legs to lift any heavy objects. Don’t forget to dismantle any larger items of furniture so that they’ll fit easily through doors.
  • Label fragile boxes clearly as such. Its also very wise to mark on each box which room of the house or building it is heading.
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Thing's to Watch Out For

Packing Boxes

Never make the boxes too heavy for one person to lift easily (about 20kg max). If you are worried about your fragile goods having too much movement, the simple soloution is to stuff the boxes with plastic, paper or material etc, to keep the movement of items to a minimum whilst being transported.

Moving Furniture

Do not try to pack large furniture; this is since it may be necessary to load them in different positions to create and save space; by boxing large furniture it takes up too much loading space.